MultiCards Facilities

MultiCards Merchant Account



Fraud screening

  • CVV2 and CVC2 code verification

  • Negative credit card database for fraud detection since 1995

  • MultiCards Credit Card Fraud Detection Service / Maxmind Fraud Scores

  • Bounce Email System

  • IP & Country Blocking



Membership Options and Rebillings

  • Monthly or quarterly automatic re-billing of customer charges

  • Protect online products/services/access with the pincode or username/password feature

  • Software delivery after instant credit card verification



Order Pages and Shopping Carts

  • SSL secured static order pages

  • Foreign currency order pages with real-time currency conversion

  • Foreign language order pages and customer confirmations

  • Orderpage customization

  • Compatible with affiliate programs

  • Compatible with commercial shopping carts

Some of our other features

Automatic rebilling
Credit cards may be automatically rebilled monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly. An optional maximum rebill count can be configured. An API is available to start/stop and change rebillings from an external server.

Instant Payment Notifications
New transactions and transaction changes (refunds, chargebacks, voids, rebill info) may be posted to a script on your server. This allows you to update a database or start a process.

Protected membership area
For merchants selling access to a protected membership area or downloadable products we have various pincode protected solutions.

Multiple languages
Our processing pages are available in: English, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Modern Standard Arabic, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish.

Customers may be charged in USD, EUR and GBP. All other currencies will be converted to one of those three currencies.

Test orders
MultiCards provides a test credit card functionality, allowing you to run test orders before you go live to accept online payments or when you suspect a problem at any time.

IP and e-mail address blocking
The blockings function in the merchant control panel enables you to block the IP address and e-mail address from specific customers to prevent them from placing an order. The MultiCards risk department also blocks the IP and e-mail address for all chargeback transactions to avoid further losses.

Country blocking
By default certain countries are blocked. Indonesia, Ghana and Nigeria are blocked for all our merchants. Also all countries that are restricted due to UN mandate. Per order page ID extra countries can be blocked.

Digital content delivery
Selling your digital goods (PDF, zipfiles, etc..) is easy with the MultiCards e-Products Module. After a successful transaction customers can click on a button to immediately download the e-products, or they can use the link in the e-mail order confirmation to download later. The e-products are hosted on your own server in a protected area. After a successful transaction the order details and a unique pincode will be added which allows the customer to access the content. It is possible to purchase multiple e-products in one single transaction. The e-Products Module is open source and may be personalized to meet any special requirements. The e-products module may be implemented for any order page or shopping cart already connected to the MultiCards payment gateway. For security reasons we do not include any technical information in this support page. Contact our Technical Department for more information.

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