Tips for Fraud Screening

We can not check that the person ordering from you is the actual card holder. Therefore here are some important checks that you need to perform after you have received a confirmation email for a new order by MultiCards. If you need to cancel and refund an order that has already been accepted, please issue a refund request trough the Merchant Menu (click on Cancel Orders at the top menu).

You can always contact MultiCards when you have questions about a particular order, click on the "Create new Merchant & MultiCards support ticket" button next to the transaction in your Merchant Menu Transaction Overview.

When you suspect fraud, please try to contact the customer to verify the order and see how they respond to you. If you are unable to reach the customer, you might have intentionally been given incorrect contact information. If you can not contact the customer or if he/she responds in a strange way: do not send the product, cancel the order and issue a refund request to prevent a Chargebackby the real credit card holder.

Fraud score

All accepted transactions are rated with a Fraud Score. MultiCards Credit Card Fraud Detection service calculates a Risk Factor based on known risk factors and their likelihood to indicate possible fraud.


The score calculated to estimate the riskiness of accepting a credit card ranges from 0 (low risk) to 10 (high risk). The Fraud Score in implemented in the Merchant Menu where Merchants can view their customers transactions.

This Credit Card Fraud Detection Service automatically flags potentially fraudulent transactions so the Merchant can verify if the order is legitimate. This will dramatically reduce fraudulent orders, and thus the chargebacks.

The fraud score also can be determined *before* the actual credit card transaction. Contact our support desk to enable that function.

For each new order please view the Fraud Score. You can click on the score next to the transaction for more information. (For example: When the card holder lives in the USA but the used ip address is coming from Australia, the fraud score will be high as these details do not match.) When there is a high Fraud Score and the transaction information looks suspicious: contact the customer to verify the order or cancel and refund the order to avoid a Chargeback by the real credit card holder.


IP address
If an order has a high Fraud Score or looks suspicious to you, you can check where the order is really coming from by looking up the IP address. (Please see the above free tool.)

High-ticket sales/Fast delivery

Be suspicious of high-ticket sales requested to be sent next-day air or if a runner will be in to pick up the purchase at a later time. Be wary of orders for which the customer is willing to pay more for faster delivery. Fraudsters are greedy so look out for unusual big amount orders. Always verify these orders before sending them out.

Customer Email Address

Usually the customer's email address matches the Card Holder's name in some sort of way. (For example: When the Card Holder's name is Patrick Jones and the email address is Linda1234 @ free email addresss .com you might want to look at the order details and verify the order.) Email addresses that have a lot of numbers or caracters (abcdef2000 @ free email address .com) are suspicious too.

Customer FREE Email Address
Be especially careful with orders from free email services, there is a much higher incidence of fraud from these services (,,, etc.) as it's easy for a scamster to open a free, anonymous email account in another person's name and then send you, the merchant, an order using the fake email account and a fraudulent credit card number. The Fraud Score will also be higher with orders from free email addresses. Verify the order by contacting the customer or ask for a non-free mail address during the order process. You can block for example all addresses by visiting Blocking in the Merchant Menu.


Card Holder Address - Delivery Address
Please check if the Card Holder Address matches the given Delivery Address. If the address or country does not match please always verify the order with the customer. The order could be a gift for someone, the card holder might be on a vacation but it could also be a fraudulent order.


Delivery Address
Please be careful to send out products to a PO Box, especially when the city or country does not match the card holder details.

Foreign orders

Be very cautious of any foreign / international orders. Generally, orders from Asia, the Middle East, and most parts of Africa are considered high-risk.

Duplicate Orders
When you see 2 or more orders (rebillings excluded) from the same card holder, credit card number or email addres, please verify the orders.

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