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Online Billing


MultiCards has more than 20 years of experience in online payment processing and is a trusted leader in its expertise field of finding the right solution for your online payment needs. With a 20 year old network in the financial world we find the right solution for your specific business needs.

Shopping Carts


Today many shopping carts are available ranging from small business to large business applications. Some have included integration with MultiCards and some don't because we do not pay them for connecting us. But we will pay you for any integration with the shopping cart of your choice to a maximum amount depending on your sales volume.

Gateway Service


MultiCards has its own PCI compliant Gateway to many acquirers and services. If you have or prefer your own merchant account or are a Payment Service Provider we can offer white label solutions with backend facilities to operate your business.

E-commerce platforms


If you are an online retail business in Europe or other remote location on the Internet and want to expand your sales worldwide we may be of help to set you up with one of our niche market e-commerce platforms operated by one of our partners.

Chargeback support​


Chargebacks are a nuissance but a fact of life and doing business online. Our dedicated staff has a lot of experience in chargeback handling and their procedures. In many cases we are able to represent the chargebacks or help you to setup certain procedures to avoid or reduce them.

Merchant accounts​


The advantage of your own merchant account with an acquirer is that you get paid directly by the acquirer and usually much quicker than through a service like MultiCards. We can help you to setup your own Merchant account and still use many of the advantages from MultiCards like order support and chargeback support.

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