Due to the nature of our service we will not disclose any names or provide information about our existing partners, but here's what some of our business partners have written to us. Please note all testimonials were received spontaneaously.

 “We've been in business a year now, and we just wanted to take the time to say Good Job! MultiCard's honesty and professionalism are much appreciated. You have been responsive and helpful every step of the way, and we are happy that we chose MultiCards to be our credit card company. Thanks again, and may we both prosper in the times to come!”

 “I should, at this time, wish to express my appreciation for the first rate service I have always received from MultiCards. You have always answered my queries and resolved problems in a timely, professional and effective manner. Payment of funds due is never less than prompt and clear. If I should ever be in the position to recommend an on-line billing company, MultiCards would always be my choice.”

 “I have been very pleased with the MultiCards service and continue to suggest it to people who contact me about sales on the net. Thank you for your continual prompt attention and professionalism!”

 “I always feel like I am your only client - you give me such great personal service and are quick in your responses. It reminds me of how things used to be - back when towns were small and people knew each other.”

 “Wow, I'm impressed! Not only do you get things done quickly but you are also one of those rare people who still provide a good service AFTER you have made your initial sale.”

 “I wanted to say that you have wonderful customer service and I really like the "MutliCards" set up. Keep up the good work!”  “I had been burned by two merchant processors in the past and was sceptical about trying again. MultiCards has gained my respect for their outstanding service and I highly recommend them to other web site owners. It has been one year now with no problems and I am gladly renewing my program with them.”

 “Getting a merchant account outside of the US is a very difficult and expensive process, there is however an easier and reliable way to get merchant facilities without the high costs for non US businesses. We recommend the services of MultiCards. We have used them for over two years now without any problems. They pay on time, all the time and are very professional.”

 “I have searched the web for a couple of months, looking for a credit card service to fit my needs. Yours appears to be the best service I have found BY FAR.”

 “I have come to know MultiCards and Nick on both a business and personal basis. The corporate practices and ethics behind this organization are exemplary in every fashion. I would not hesitate to suggest their services to anyone and I do at every opportunity. MultiCards is a true partner interested in your success and not merely a vendor in the often treacherous world of merchant processing. Thank you for a job well done.”

And just for the fun, this one:

 “I love this credit card/net thing....the thought of earning money even when I'm in the pub drinking is GREAT !!”

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